Musical melange is all about the songs that fit best for every mood and occasion. It features compositions of Siddharth Kasyap across various genres like pop, jazz, hiphop, rock etc and the videos are glamorously shot and are a complete visual treat with or without an interpolated story line or a dance routine. The playlist covers various style of music videos like Animation, Interpretative, Impressionist, Surrealist or Allusion.

Chhuona | Siddharth Kasyap feat. Purva Mantri & 1080g | New Hindi Song | SK Music Works

Ishq Ki Mitti | Siddharth Kasyap feat. Raja Hasan | Apeksha Porwal | Naman Shaw | Vikas Verma

Kehde Tu Zara | Siddharth Kasyap feat. Rishikesh Kamerkar | Carolin Sure | Sanam Johar

Chehra Noor Sa | Siddharth Kasyap feat. Shahid Mallya | Mruga Umrania | Sona Goldar | Mrunal Jain

Rubaru | Siddharth Kasyap feat. Saberi Bhattacharya | Parina Mirza | Sajid Shaikh | New Hindi Song

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Chatur Naari | Siddharth Kasyap feat. Smita Jain | Video Song | New Hindi Song | SK Music Works

Yaar Mila De | Siddharth Kasyap | Rishikesh Kamerkar feat. Riya Ray | Jeetu Singh | New Hindi Song

Maahi Ve - Siddharth Kasyap | Geetanjali More feat. Swasti Kapur | New Hindi Song | SK Music Works